Government Grants to Pay Off Bills

All over the television and radio and even online now you are constantly bombarded with people saying they can show you where to look to find government grants to pay bills. They will lay such claims as they alone know where the government hides billions of dollars that you could be using to pay off your credit cards and even pay off your house. The reason these claims sound too good to be true is because they usually are. See how much grant money you're eligible to receive now.


In the first place, the government rarely gives out grant money to individuals and those that do get the grant money have to use it to accomplish a certainties task as set forth by the government. The government quite simply is not going to give you money so that you can pay off bills and get yourself out of debt, it just won’t happen.

The reason these people want you to believe that there is free money available is so that you will buy their books, CDs, DVDs, or even attend one of their seminars that they will charge you through the nose for. Sure most will even offer you a money back guarantee, but try making good on that guarantee when the customer complaint lines are ringing off the hook. Anyone who promises to show you where free government money is buried that you can use to pay bill with is a scam artist; it is just that some are better than others.

For years there was a supposed government grant money guru who did commercials on television that could be seen on a daily basis. You know the guy; he had the sports jacket on that looked like the Riddler’s from Batman except his jacket had dollar signs instead of question marks. He said you could get government grants to do all sorts of fun stuff in life like take a vacation, take a pottery class, start a business, and even to pay your bills. He then went a step further and even wrote a book all about free government money to pay your bills.

While the book didn’t outright lie, it certainly danced around many issues. The author only went into details about how to get government grants in the form of such well known programs like food stamps and Medicaid. He contended that if you get $800 worth of food stamps per month that you could use the saving to pay down your debt and that in essence the government would be paying it down for you. That half-truth is not only an unethical way to look at life, but the fact is that not everyone can get food stamps. He also advertises on television that he has thousands of programs in his book when in reality there are only a few hundred. How he stays in business is a true mystery.

Remember, nothing in life is free, except for love and that will not pay down your credit card debt either. While there are many government grants available each and every year, there is not now, nor will there likely ever be any government grants specifically designed to pay off your bills and get you out of debt.

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