Corporation Grants

As an alternative way to find grants you can do some investigative work on your own. Some corporations offer grants, but you won’t find them listed in any published funding directories.


Most corporations allocate a certain amount of money for charity and grants. On company websites you may find information on their social responsibility. You can learn how companies spend money in the form of grant awards or if they make product donations. Companies tend to invest money back into the communities they are a part of, so knowing their headquarters and other corporate facilities can be beneficial.

Hoover’s online ( offers a subscription service to aid you in this type of research. You can easily find corporate addresses and well as direct links to corporate social responsibility web pages through their searchable database.

Fortune ( is a free website filled with information and news about the corporate world. You can access a list of the top 500 US based corporations. These companies should have the financial strength offer numerous grant awards. If one of these top 500 businesses are in your area, you should investigate them further. Keep in mind most corporations keep the money local and only give grant in areas where they conduct business.

While this investigative work may be time consuming, if you find corporations that award grants in your community it will be well worth your time.

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