Finding Federal Grants

If you want to find information on available federal grants, you need to check the Federal Register. As the primary resource for grant information, the Federal Register is updated daily, Monday through Friday, and can be found at


However, you may find it simpler to access information from the Register at . They carry the information published in the daily Register which includes grant opportunities from all federal agencies.

When searching for a grant opportunity, logon daily to check for new posting in your area of interest. You can accomplish this by utilizing the subject search feature. This is the easiest way to weed through the nearly 1000 grants available to find the ones of interest to you. You can also register for a daily email alert to get notifications of new grant opportunities. also provides several educational resources. You can learn more about different types of grants, writing grants, the agencies that offer grants, and much more. Plus, when you do find a grant you are interested in, the full announcement is available for review, as well as frequently asked questions regarding that particular grant.

When you’re ready to apply, you can do that directly from the website. The entire application package, including all required forms, may be downloaded from After completing the forms you can even submit them online through the e-grants portal system. Throughout the process you can log on to check the status of all applications submitted.

Download the complete Guide to Government Grants to learn exactly how to find and obtain free government grant money.