How to Apply for Government Grants

It seems that everyone wants to get their hands on Government grants, and why not? Government grants after all, are funds that can be used for a specific purpose and never have to be repaid. However, Uncle Sam isn’t just going to cut you a check because you feel that you are a good candidate for a Government grant, you have to prove that by applying for a Government grant.

In order to apply for a Government grant you have to first see what is available and the best place to do so is Once you find a grant that you think you will be able to utilize, here is how you go about applying for it:

1. Download Grant Application Package: After you have found a Government grant that you wish to apply for, you then have to download the PDF version of that grant’s application package. This package will include all the forms that need to filled out as well as provide you with instructions on what needs to be filled out and where it needs to be sent to once complete.
2. Fill Out the Grant Package: Once you have the grant package in hand, or rather on screen, you then need to fill it out. You will not be able to submit the Government grant application package until it is 100 percent complete, so be sure you are filling it out the right way and that everything that needs to be filled out is. If you have problems along the way you can view a tutorial at or you can check out their frequently asked questions page to learn more.
3. Submit Application: Once you have everything filled out, you can then submit your Government grant application. The easiest way to do so is electronically, or online. This can be done right at by hitting the ‘Save and Submit’ button and once again, if you have trouble, you can see the frequently asked questions section for more help. Once submitted, you will be supplied with a tracking number and a confirmation of receipt. Be sure you print the confirmation page and record the tracking number for your records.
4. Track and Wait: Once your Government grant application has been submitted, you then have to play the waiting game. While you wait you can always track the status of your Government grant application by using the tracking number you recorded or other information. While this will not tell you if you are going to get the grant or not, you will at least be able to see where in the process you are.

If you are one of the lucky ones to receive a Government grant, just be sure that you are using the funds in the way they are supposed to be used. Should there be any misappropriations of the funds on your part and the Government catches wind of it, you will likely lose your Government grant and have to pay back what you were issued. Additionally, you will probably never be able to get another Government grant again, no matter how good your Government grant application may be.

Download the complete Guide to Government Grants to learn exactly how to find and obtain free government grant money.