Who Receives Government Grants and Why

Every year, government grants worth billions of dollars are disbursed to qualified citizens. The money isn’t available to just anyone though. There are certain criteria that have to be met for one to receive the government grant. The basic principle is that only people with “financial need” are qualified. However, the definition of “financial need” may vary from one state to another and from one grant to the next. That’s why it is important to do extensive research about the type of grant that’s available to you.


In general, the government grant is dependent on the yearly income of the applicant and the income of his/her entire family. It can be difficult for some people to receive government grants if they are at the borderline between being financially unstable and financially well-off. This article provides a broad overview of the type of government grants available to citizens:

Business Support – there are government grants available to small business owners. Whether you need funds to try out a new idea or expand your existing business, you just have to find out the agency in charge to send your application.
Women Grants – minority women can particularly benefit from these “women grants”. These grants can be used to fund business expenses. The Grant for Minority Women and Foundation Grant are the two best examples of this type of support.
University Grants – this is one of the most common types of grant; the government spends a significant amount every year sending students to university. Take note that both the federal and state government offers educational grants. Find out which one is more appropriate for your situation.
Medical Grants – it is possible to receive grants for medical diseases. There are several eligibility criteria that the individual must meet in order to get the aid money. Remember that in some instances, you can get grants for the treatment of particular diseases.
Disability Grants – disabled individuals can expect support from the government. This is particularly the case if you have been injured in defense of the country.
Single Mother Grants – the state provides support for single mothers who have taken a break before going back to school. The goal is to send a message that the government is concerned about familial well-being.
Unemployment Benefits – people who have lost their jobs can seek unemployment aid from the government over a certain period. This is to help them survive and find another job.

These are just some of the most common government grants available. There are also special grants available for certain individuals and organizations. If you are interested in securing funding for your education, business, or good cause, it is important to find out if you meet eligibility requirements.

Always remember to submit complete paperwork in your application. With the amount of requests government agencies have to process, yours might not get a second glance if you don’t have proper documentation. Overall, it is always worth it to seek government grants. While some people think of it as “free money”, it is actually there for good reasons.